VMware {code} Hackathon @ VMworld 2021

Published on 13 October 2021
2 min read
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Imagine That! We wan to see what unique projects your creativity leads to!

This was the theme of the VMware code Hackathon @ VMworld 2021, thus practically it was an open theme to allow participants to hack on and work on whatever they chose to!

At first I was a bit disappointed about taking part in an online-only hackaton; I strongly believe that the most exciting part of such events is spending an evening meeting new people and staying awake overnight to contribute and make your team reach the expected goal!

However my team mates Lino and Scott, convinced me that was going to be fun anyway, they told me about the idea they had in mind and at that point I could not refuse to partecipate.

So the TanzuFormers team got ready for the battle!

The project

Our project aimed at fully automating the infrastructure setup of a Tanzu kubernetes cluster, deploying all the recommended addons for logging, monitonring, etc… and having it automaticlly registered on the Tanzu Mission Control dashboard.

The goal was to leverage Terraform to automate the whole process, thus we had to implement several terraform modules each one in charge of deploying a different addon to the newly provisioned cluster.

My main task goal was the interaction with Tanzu Mission Control to join the fresh new cluster on it; thus I decided to brush again my poor GoLang coding skills and decided to develop a custom terraform provider for TMC.

The code for all the modules and the provider is publicy available on our team’s Github organization

And the winner is…

Certificate of Achievement Manuel Coppotelli Winner

The judges decide to prize our contribution because involved many different VMware products and aimed at the integration towards a common goal.

In the end, I enjoyed taking part in this experience more that I expected… the fact that it was only online did not reduce its effective value at my eyes. On the contrary, the opportunity to keep in touch with new pepole was extremely valualbe.

With the experience of this yeas online hackaton, I really really can’t wait for the next year hackaton that, hopefully 🤞, will take place in presence at the next VMwolrd!