Hello, I'm Manuel!

Head in the cloud, hands on the keyboard Curiosity push me to new experiences

I'm a
Professional Mistake Avoider
, a.k.a. Strategic Advisor.

I am an advocate for other people's success, pushing boundaries, and open-source software. Passionate about community, culture and learning new things.


I focus on modern technical approaches, be they from the ground up or evolutionary approaches. I do most of my work on cloud, with containers and serverless.

Terraform TMC Provider
Terraform TMC Provider
A Terraform provider that allows for the full lifecycle management of vmWare Tanzu Mission Control resources.

Work Experience

Over the past 9+ years, with a Software Engineer background, I jumped to Platform Engineering and DevOps for the extra challenge. I immensely enjoy reining in distributed systems!

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Cloud Solution Architect

Serverless & Managed Services

AWS Professional Certification
Kubernetes Specialist

Containers everywhere

CKA - CKS - CAD Certification
Cloud Native Applications

Design for automation

Hybrid Infrastructures

On-Premises & Private Cloud