VMware {code} Hackathon @ VMware Explore 2023

Published on 20 November 2023
1 min read
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We have been waited for a long time… and now it is back VMware code Hackathon, the maximum expression of community in one place.

This year I wanted to throw my hat in as team captain, proposing to carry on the topic of “VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Application Platform”.

Since the dismission of Tanzu Community Edition (😢) the main idea was to provide an out-of-the box-integration of may tools (e.g. minikube, carvel, …) in order to create a lightweight or mock environment for Tanzu that can run easily on a developer’s laptop.

The final result was a demo showing how, starting from source code and Dockerfile a developer could iterate fast on its local laptop without any infrastructure but, at the same time, deploy on Tanzu with no further effort.

You can look at the slides and the source code on my github.

The other teams had wide bigger (and complex) ideas, even thow I didn’t officially win the context, I really had fun in giving the final speech and keeping the audience (and the gury) highly enthusiast on the topic.