VMworld 2021 as speaker

Published on 11 October 2021
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VMworld 2021 has just ended! Due to the health worldwide emergency, the event took place virtually. There were three days, from October 5th to 7th, full of keynotes, sessions, round-tables and other social moments like were available online and watchable directly from the people sofa!

Among the other events, my good friend Lino Telera and me took a speech about Tanzu and how it can be used on different automation scenarios, both on infrastructure and application side.

My first time VMworld… as speaker

Even though it was not the first world tech conference I took part at, it has been the first time at a VMworld! For sure the priceless experience on conference is the possibility of networking (that’s also the most difficult part to replicate in a remote experience), the conference surprised me with the completeness of content for all the technical fields.

Moreover being speaker at a world-wide event, gave me the right excitement necessary to enjoy the conference at best and pushed me to perform better on the “virtual stage”! I don’t want to hide my head under the sand: the tension was very high and I felt like the so-called demo effect was hunting for me…

In the end all want for the best; In the next few lines I want to give you a general overview of the speech.

Automate DevOps in a Cloud Native Way with VMware Tanzu

Screenshot of my Slides

The recording of the speech is available on the VMworld On-Demand Video Library.

As a Cloud Native Platform Engineer, automation takes a big part of my everyday work, therefore I’ve spent a lot of time researching, designing, developing and maintaining systems aimed at automating the work of both infrastructure engineers and software developers.

During the last years, I had the great opportunity to work with Lino Telera and bring all my experience on the field to realize a hybrid cloud infrastructure integration and pipelines for continuous integrations & delivery; with the aim to automate the deployment of the infrastructures and the whole applications lifecycle.

In our session we have shown how VMware Tanzu and Tanzu Kubernetes Grid can take an important role in the automation field and how they can be integrated with a lot of DevOps technologies like Jenkins, Gitlab, Tekton, Flux, and Terraform.

The presentation was oriented not only to infrastructure automation people but also to DevOps pipeline because contained also application development scenarios and real-case demos.

What’s next?

That was not all! Another great experience happened during the VMworld days; it has been such a great experience that it’s worth a dedicated blog post… so stay tuned!